The GRI Designation.
How it helps You! 

The Graduate of the REALTOR® Institute (GRI Designation) symbol is the mark of a Real Estate Professional who has made the commitment to provide the best and the highest level of professional service to you.  GRI Designees have completed an additional 90 hours of education in the various aspects of the Real Estate transaction from Contract Law to Marketing. 

  • Designees have pursued a course of study that represents the common body of knowledge for progressive Real Estate Professionals.
  • Designees have developed a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to navigate the ever-changing real estate climate. 
  • Designees are recognized nationally among their piers and the public
  • Designees act with professionalism and are committed to serving their clients & their communities with the highest ethical standards.   

This training includes every aspect of the Real Estate Industry.  A graduate not only has completed the additional hours of training, but they must pass an examination at the completion of each module.  I have proudly held my GRI Designation for over 5 years.  

If you are looking for a true professional to represent you in the Real Estate transaction, make sure you hire an agent who proudly displays the GRI Designation on their marketing materials. Then you know you are using an agent with the experience and training necessary to provide you with exemplary service.  

Sandra Paulow, Associate Broker, GRI, REALTOR®
From "Sign Up" to "Sign Down"
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