Selling Off Season or During the Holidays!

Contrary to popular belief, buyers shop for property all year long, including the Holiday Season. It is a fact that many sellers who make the decision to either list or keep their properties on the market during the colder months may have a distinct advantage because there are fewer homes on the market at that time of year.  Simply put, there is less competition so the likelihood of having a property shown and an offer made is higher than during the peak selling/buying season during the warmer months.  

There are many reasons this is true, I have listed a few below that might encourage you to consider putting your home on the market during the colder months of the year. 




1)   Off Season or Holiday sales mean that potential buyers have extra time off to look for property.  When combined with the Holiday Season, people from warmer climates will often travel to the White Mountains to enjoy the ambiance of the Holiday Season and to participate in the winter recreational opportunities like skiing, sledding, or just playing in the snow.  They also may have more time to look at property than they would during the busy summer season.  

2)  Buyers looking during the Off Season or the Holidays are usually Serious Buyers.  They may want to capitalize on income tax deductions for Mortgage Loan Fees, Interest Expense, & Prorated Property Taxes before years end


3)  Did you know that typically Corporate Transfers occur in the month of January?  While relocation buyers are not terribly common in the White Mountain market, they do happen.  I have had several clients who were moving to this area to take over management positions in the local businesses and the hospital.  These buyers are serious buyers because they need a place to live.  They may even have some company incentives to make the purchase and would be willing to pay a better price than your typical seasonal buyer who may just be looking for a "deal".

4) The glitter and sparkle of Holiday Decorations and Lights add to the feeling that a house is a home.  A cozy fire in the fireplace and a home all decked out in bright holiday lights and colors often touches something in us and makes us feel like curling up on the sofa with a good book.  

 5) It is common knowledge that most home searches begin online.  My expertise in exposing your home to the largest online audience increases your chances of a buyer seeing your property.  When the weather is cold, people will spend more time looking online than driving around so even though you may have a sign in your yard, the potential buyer for your property is more likely to find it online.        

6)  Decreased demand on Lenders, Appraisers, Home Inspectors, may help your closing process go smoother and  quicker.

If your home isn't available for showing during the off season months, you may miss the opportunity for the perfect buyer to find your property.  

By selling now, you may find that you will get more traffic and when the offer comes in will be at better terms and conditions than you might get at other times of year.  You might find that the winter months or the holiday season is the perfect time to sell.



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