The Inspection Report - Repairs vs Improvements.

One of the first things to happen when a buyer has an accepted offer on a property is the Home Inspection. The buyer selects a professional home inspector to go through the home and determine what, if anything needs to be repaired.  As of February 2017, the Arizona Residential Purchase Contract was revised removing all the warranted items and stating that all homes are sold in “Present Physical Condition”.  In other words, every home is sold “As Is”, with no obligation on the part of the seller to complete repairs. 

It does not mean the buyer cannot ask for repairs if there is something significant that needs to be fixed, but it does mean that the inspection report should not be considered a punch list of repairs the seller has to fix.  The buyer’s reaction to the home inspection report is one of the most challenging things for a Real Estate Agent to handle during the buying process.  Inspectors are paid to pick a home apart; that is what they do. They scour the home for any defects, potential defects, areas of concern, and items that may be in need of repair. I represent a lot of buyers and I hold my breath every time hoping the inspector is reasonable and does not word every little item so it sounds like the home is going to come crumbling down if the item is not repaired. 

Buyers often need assistance in clarification about the difference between a repair and an improvement.  As an agent, my job is to help the buyer determine what items should be addressed with the seller and what items are suggestions for future improvements.  The report is only intended to give the buyer a clear view of what they are buying and the overall condition of the property.  Certainly hazards need to be addressed, but the seller is not required to rebuild a home or make major improvement for a buyer to move forward with the transaction.   No home is perfect or without the potential for something to break or malfunction down the road.  Unrealistic expectations help no one and hurt everyone. 

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